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Norfolk Natural Living - Plant Care Set

Norfolk Natural Living - Plant Care Set

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Specifically developed for indoor plants, this leaf shine set is a wonderful gift to any new plant parent, or if you are looking to help revive your plants. It contains everything you need to keep the leaves just free, so they can photosynthesise and be at their healthiest and happiest!

Included is 100ml of organic plant food (made from seaweed from UK beaches), and a glass atomiser. Just place 8 droplets of feed into 150ml of water, mix well to disperse and then happily mist the base or leaves (depending on the plant's preference) during the growing season once every 7-10 days. A made up batch lasts and can be used for up to 2 weeks.

This is a general indoor plant food so can be used for a multitude of different plants. It's best used as a feed for your plants, therefore you should use it in their growing season (for most plants this is between March and September). This wonderful feed is rich in trace nutrients and carbohydrates, helping your plants grow strong and healthy.

Each bottle contains 100ml of natural plant food made from seaweed, designed to last for around a year. Beautifully presented in a lovely recycled cardboard gift box.

100% natural, 100% recyclable.

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