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Medinilla Magnifica | 14CM & 17CM POT

Medinilla Magnifica | 14CM & 17CM POT

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The Medinilla Magnifica is a beautiful flowering indoor plant. If the humble Orchid is not cutting it anymore, she is the one for you. With her ‘magnifica’ pink flowers that resemble clusters of grapes, she is a stunner.

Medinilla is part of the Melastomaceae family, originating from the Philippines. In the rainforest she is epiphytic, quite happily growing on other plants and trees.

Ideal location:  Any bright room. Not too close to radiators (in winter) as she does not tolerate dry air.

Light conditions: she like bright indirect light during spring and summer and can tolerate direct light during the autumn and winter months.

Watering: She prefers being a bit dry to being too damp, therefore only water the plant moderately and do not allow any water to remain in the bottom of the pot

Neediness: Surprisingly easy. She loves a humid environment so therefore a good mist now and then. Fertilise after the flowing period is over as when she will be growing new shoots. Prune her flower once they have died done.

Sizing: Pot 14cm or 17cm Pot x Height approx. 30cm & 65cm  

Temperature: Average indoor temperatures of 17-24ºC are suitable.

Toxicity:  Not toxic for your furry friends and little people.

Growth Rate: She can grow to around 4ft, but if that is too big, she can be easily pruned after flowering.

Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price.

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