Ficus Elastica | Rubber Plant | 12CM Pot

Ficus Elastica | Rubber Plant | 12CM Pot

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Want to bring the tropics home? well look no further than the Ficus elastica Robusta, as one of the best air-filtering plants available, and low-maintenance too, you cannot go wrong to create a lush, tropical feel to your interior spaces.

Ideal location:  Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and studies

Light conditions: Bright, indirect light. Can tolerate lower light.

Watering: Allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering again but keep the soil lightly moist at all times, but do not over water as this will cause leaf drop.

Neediness: Easy, mist occasionally and apply a weak dose of a fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.

Sizing: Pot W12cm Pot x Height approx. 45cm

Temperature: Warm household temperatures 16-24°C. Avoid cold draughts.

Growth: Indoor heights are typically anything from 30cm to 2m. Moderate to fast growing.

Toxicity:  Considered poisonous due to the latex in the sap, therefore keep away from children and animals. Contains allergens that may result in asthma symptoms.

Air Purifying: A great houseplant for purifying and filtering the air.


Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price.


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