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Ananas Corona Bromeliad | Ornamental pineapple | 12CM pot

Ananas Corona Bromeliad | Ornamental pineapple | 12CM pot

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Ananas Corona Bromeliad or the ornamental Pineapple Plant is one of the best known member of the Bromeliad family.

This compact Ananas is a smaller (inedible) version of the wild pineapple and makes a exotic and somewhat unusual addition to a bright and warm space.

Ideal location: All rooms. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, studies and corridors

Light conditions: Position in a warm spot with  bright, indirect light.

Watering: Wait until the top layer of soil is dry before watering. Do not over-water. Reduce the amount given during the winter months but do not let it dry out completely. Rainwater is ideal. 

Neediness:  Easy plant to take care of. Remove dust with a damp cloth to unblock pores. This will help the Plant breathe

Pets & Children: This plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Sizing: Pot W12cm x Plant Height approx. 30/35cm.

Temperature: Keep at a normal room temperature and do not let the temperature drop below 15°C. Avoid cold drafts.

Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price

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