Collection: Pots by Aaron Probyn


Botany is a minimalist range of plant pots from British designer Aaron Probyn.

Expertly handcrafted in Sri Lanka using raw coloured porcelain clay, and designed to last a lifetime. A soft form gives ‘Botany’ a pleasing hand feel in deep earth tones, designed to enhance your greenery of choice. Whilst desirable on its own, these pot thrive when placed together with other members of their Botany family.

The pots are made from porcelain, one of the strongest ceramic materials that ages beautifully. The low porosity means it won’t leak water onto your table or floor, and can confidently withstand all outdoor weather conditions.

For watering, the small pots have a discreet rubber stopper which allows you to pour freely and drain at the sink or patio. The larger pot has a saucer that prevents over saturation in wet soil by allowing the excess to drain through it’s always better to under-water than over-water.

Living with plants is a good way to reconnect with nature, improve air quality and soften the look and feel of a space at home. Choose carefully when considering what plant to pot scale and silhouette can positively transform the experience of a living room or appeal of a kitchen shelf.


The production process used to make our Botany pots is slip casting. In this manufacturing process liquid clay (slip) is poured into a plaster mould, which absorbs water from the slip. The clay forms a skin on the inside of the mould, and then the excess slip is poured out. As it dries, the ceramic shrinks, which allows the greenware vessel to be released from the mould. Greenware is pre-fired clay, once fired and it becomes a bisque, the body will shrink further and the percentage depends on the type of clay used.


Each one of our beautiful BOTANY pots is packed in Aaron Probyn branded gift box made of easy to recycle unbleached paper and cardboard, with no bubble wrap or any plastic in sight!

The packaging is designed to make a great gift box without the need for additional wrapping paper.