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The Zamioculcas zamiifolia is commonly known as the ZZ plant and it is a tropical perennial native to eastern Africa.

She is one of the most instagram worthy plant and that is due to her beautiful wide, attractive, evergreen dark green leaves.  Known as great all rounder, she tolerates drought and low light and also purifies the air

Great Feng Shui option. When placed in the right spot, she helps to bring protective and purifying energy to your house.

Also Known as: ZZ plant.

Ideal location: Any room.

Light conditions:  Best in indirect light and a great plant for an office, as it thrives under fluorescent light. In the summer months why not use the zz plant to dress an outdoor room, just insure it is in dappled light.

Watering: ZZ is like a cactus, less is more.  Depending on your room environment, water once or twice a week.  Do not let it stand in water, ensure that the water drains through. She would appreciate a little misting from time to time.

Neediness: Easy Peasy! Tough as nails! just wipe down those waxy leaves. 

Pets & Children: Yes, all parts of this plant is considered toxic.

Sizing: BIG! Pot W20cm x Plant Height approx: 60cm

Temperature: Keep at room temperature. Avoid temperatures below 5ºC

Due to her size, local delivery

Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price.


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