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Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle | 12CM Pot

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Native to Africa and Madagascar the Streptocarpus Pretty Turtle an easy care houseplant and is fast becoming one of our favs. Often prized for it’s trumpet like flowers, this particular variety is grown for it’s unusual, fuzzy, thick leaves with striking turtle-shell pattern.

Ideal location: Likes humidity so bathroom & kitchen. Can however tolerant low humidity in the home, but keep away from draughts.

Light conditions: Bright, indirect, filtered light. Avoid allowing this plant to sit in  direct sunlight— Rotate the pot once a week so that all the leaves get enough light 

Watering: Wait until the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry to touch before watering. Like the soil moist but not soggy. A pebble tray is recommended to increase humidity. Misting is not recommended.

Neediness: Low maintenance despite its exotic appearance. Suitable for beginners.

Pets & Children: Non Toxic to children and animals.

Rate of growth: Slow growing!

Sizing: Pot W12cm x height approx. 20cm

Temperature: Average indoor temperatures of 16-26ºC are suitable, and no lower than 15 ºC. 

Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price.