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Hoya Linearis

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The Hoya Linearis has long, slender leaves on long hanging tendrils.  She also flowers and with the perfect mix light and care you will be rewarded with clusters of cream flowers.

Ideal location:  Any bright room.

Light conditions: she like bright indirect light.

Watering: She prefers her soil to be moist but not soggy, water when the top layer of soil has dried.

Neediness: Surprisingly easy. She loves a humid environment so therefore a good mist now and then. 

Sizing: Pot W12cm Pot x Length approx. 40cm - 90cm  

Temperature: Average indoor temperatures of 17-24ºC are suitable.

Toxicity:  She is toxic for your furry friends.

Growth Rate: Average.

Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price.