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90CM Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Ficus lyrata | 17CM Pot

90CM Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Ficus lyrata | 17CM Pot

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The ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a genuine stunner if you want to create a foliage rich tropical feel. Native to the rainforests of western and central Africa, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata) is not the easiest houseplant to look after, but its visual impact in a space is unmatched when given proper conditions and care.

Also known as: Ficus lyrata

Ideal location: Any rooms with good light and humidity.

Light conditions: Bright, indirect light. A few hours of direct sun is also beneficial

Watering: Water when the soil starts to become slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil lightly moist at all times, but do not over water as this will cause brown spots and leaf drop. We would recommend misting even during the cold winter months to keep the plant moist and happy as the temperature cools.

Neediness: Fiddle-Leaf Fig are sensitive to changes in environment and will take some time to adjust to their new home. It requires some maintenance to ensure the environment mimics its natural humid environment, its leaves will need occasional dusting with a damp cloth.

Rate of growth: Slow growing.

Sizing: Pot W17cm, plant height approx. 90CM

Temperature: Average indoor temperatures. Avoid draughts.

Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price.


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