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Calathea Lancifolia | 'Rattlesnake' | 12CM Pot

Calathea Lancifolia | 'Rattlesnake' | 12CM Pot

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My leaves are marked in a way that makes them look painted. Because my foliage is also thinner and longer than the leaves of other calatheas, I've earned the name 'Rattlesnake'.

Ideal location: all room. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, studies and bedrooms and corridors

Light conditions: position in a warm area in bright but indirect light. 

Watering: likes to be kept in damp soil at all times, but definitely do not allow the plant to sit in water or in very wet soil.  Little and often is a good watering policy. Reduce the amount of water given during the winter months.

Neediness: requires a little extra care, specifically to ensure that a humid environment is maintained. Stand on a wet pebble tray to improve humidity. Remove dust with a damp cloth to unblock pores. This will help the plant breathe.

Pets & Children: this plant is safe around pets and children.

Rate of growth:  average growth..

Temperature: normal room temperature, does not like sudden changes in temperature and will not cope with a temperature lower than 15°C. Avoid draughts and ensure the plant has reasonable ventilation.

Please note, the decorative planter is not included in the price.

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