About Us

Hi and welcome to the (indoor jungle at) The Fern House!

I'm Stephanie and I have a passion for indoor gardening, houseplant styling and propagation. I'm constantly growing my plant family and want to share the plant love with anyone that will listen.

I'm crazy about plants. Not only is each and every plant amazing and loveable in its own unique way, but plants also become part of the family. When we nurture and care for plants, they look after us in return by looking beautiful in our homes, lifting our mood and even purifying the air. I believe that plants transform a home or office, and can help create a stylish and characterful space as well as offer their proven benefits to wellbeing.

Maybe you’re a new plant parent or looking to extend your collection? I'm here to offer you friendly advice; you can pick my brain on plant care and styling, to which plant will do best and look amazing in that dark corner. Likewise, I love getting inspiration from all you other plant parents too, so please do reach out and share the plant love via Instagram or Facebook.