Maximising your plants potential with The Fern House

Maximising your plants potential with The Fern House

Have you been enjoying our pop-up at the Folkestone Marketplace on the Harbour Arm? 

We've been getting so many questions about how to maximise your plant's appearance. So here are our top 5 tips to do exactly that. 

1 - Ensure you have the appropriate light for your plant's requirements. 

Choosing the right light is so important for a plant's health & care. One wrongly chosen place could leave your plant feeling unloved.

When you’re thinking about houseplant styling, it’s fine to be concerned about what plant will look amazing in which room. However, if you want beautiful and healthy plants, growing conditions mustn't be an afterthought. 

Most plants prefer indirect light, so placing them near east facing windows is a good choice. South and west facing windows are great for Cactus and Succulents who love bright sunlight, but other plants may need to be moved out of intense light.

There are also plants to suit lower light rooms such as Pothos (devil's ivy) or Sansevieria (snake plant).

So selecting a place that meets the requirements of your plant pal will ensure you stay friends for longer. 

2 - Finding the right plant for your needs.

Before purchasing a plant, have a think about what kind of plant parent you will be. 

If you have a tendency to forget to water your plants now and again (no judgement here) maybe choose a low maintenance plant that doesn't mind a little neglect, such as the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) or if you need a visual reminder, choose the beautiful and slightly dramatic Peace Lily which droops its leaves when its thirsty.

Perhaps you are a feeder by nature and want to nurture, in which case a high maintenance house plant may suit you. Boston Ferns, with its beautiful shaggy fronds, creates instant foliage gratification. But, to keep them looking lush they need love and lots of it, in the form of high humidity and regular watering.


3 - Searching for the right pot.

Understandably, when searching for the right pot its always a good idea to keep in mind the plant's health & growth. But, also finding the right pot that is pleasing to the eye helps you get the most out of your houseplant.

We love using concrete and terracotta tones to compliment drought loving plants such as Cactus.

Big heavy statement pots for taller plants not only keep the plant sturdy but helps to create visual balance.

We use high gloss planters to help bounce the light around a darker room and matt texture for a more understated, calm and contemporary feel.

Plant stands are a great investment. It promotes plants to VIP status and makes them look taller, which is never a bad thing while we patiently wait for more growth.

Why not try using opposite tones of colours to get a contrast between your plant and pot that'll really make your houseplant pop.

4 - Which plant for which room?

Choosing the right plant for your room is key to ensuring a healthy, long-living houseplant. Naturally, the light conditions should be considered as outlined earlier but also keep in mind the rooms humidity, temperature and any draughts. 

Ferns, for example, love bathrooms as they have a tendency to be humid. However, be careful placing a Cactus in a high humidity space as they prefer conditions to be hot and dry.

If a room is draughty avoid Calatheas as these divas of the plant world won't tolerate it and you may see their leaves start to curl or close in protest.

5 - Maintaining the plant.

All plants have different needs, so depending on whether you choice a high or low maintenance plant, they will still need a basic level of care to really thrive. With the appropriate maintenance your plant will reward you with new growth and stay looking fresh, healthy and wonderful, with vibrant colours that will enhance any space.

Why don't you check out our maintenance tips that accompany every plant in our online shop.


If you found our steps useful to you, leave a comment below or reach out on our instagram to share your plant pictures today.

Don't forget we are at Folkestone Marketplace from Thursday to Sunday every weekend :)
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