Jungle Feed – 100% Organic Indoor Plant Food

Jungle Feed – 100% Organic Indoor Plant Food

Houseplants are great at giving us signals on what they want. They wilt when they need water. Their leaves go pale when they aren’t getting enough sunlight. Too low humidity, they turn crispy; when it’s too high, they may develop rot. But, knowing when your houseplants need to be fertilised is far trickier. There’s no clear signal from your plant that shouts “Hey, it’s time to feed me!”, other than perhaps slowed or stagnant growth, which for many houseplant parents, is barely noticed. So, instead of waiting for a signal from the plant, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands and using Jungle feed, couldn't be easier.

Jungle Feed - What is it? 

This naturally occurring fertiliser is produced by the beetle species Tenebrio Molitor and is a balanced and nutrient-rich organic material specifically for fertilizing your houseplants.

It contains a high percentage of organic matter (a characteristic lacking in synthetic products). It serves as a natural, long-lasting plant food. Because it is in dry, granular (and odourless) form, it diffuses slowly into the soil. It prevents it from drying out by retaining water and ensures that your plants develop healthy roots.


How do natural fertiliser work? 

Insect droppings, also known as frass, contain the nutrients that plants need: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Insect droppings are a natural way to fertilise the soil. Insects eat plants, digest them, and then release the nutrients. These are then put back into the soil to encourage the growth of new plants.

Insect food also contains chitin, which strengthens the plant and its defences. This is because chitin tricks the plant into thinking it is under attack. Nitrogen is needed for the formation of leaf tissue, which is why a soil low in nitrogen produces plants with yellow or pale leaves. Phosphorus, which is needed for plant root growth and aids in the uptake of other nutrients, Potassium is needed for flower formation and pest control, and also contains secondary nutrients and micronutrients not found in chemical fertilisers. 

How do you use the Jungle feed?

No chemistry degree is needed to use Jungle Feed! For the best results, mix it in with you re-potting mix. This allows the feed to get closer to the roots. Or simply press the feed into the top of the soil. When you water your plant as normal, the feed will break down into the soil. 

Jungle Feed is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective product that gives your plants exactly what they need. So grab yours today, online or at our shop on the Folkestone Harbour Arm!

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