Hanging House Plant Inspiration

Hanging House Plant Inspiration

We at The Fern House plant shop love trailing and hanging plants, they can instantly bring life to a room. They are not just reserved for when we run out of surface space, although a good option, they also create interest and can help bring balance to your plant decor. Hanging plants allow your eyes to travel through a space.

Credit @5vu

Credit @5vu

This beautiful conservatory houses a stunning collection of hanging plants that allows your eyes to dart around the space. Coupled with the decadent chandeliers it creates an elegant, Victorian greenhouse feel.


Credit @distinctivespaces

Hanging plants high can creates ambience in a large space. By hanging them in a cluster over a table they help lower the ceiling to create an intimate dining space. 

Credit @house_plant_interiors

This stunning wall of plants creates a lush backdrop and perfect for urban living for those without a garden. This is the ultimate indoor jungle complete with Alocasias, hanging Golden Pothos, and tropical Fiddle Leaf Figs.

Credit @plantsdontlei

Delicate and subtle, string of pearls will gently cascade from the hanging pots. Tradescantia's with its easy care nature and colourful foliage of silver, purple and green to brighten up any room as a hanging or trailing indoor plant.

The options for hanging and trailing plants are endless and guaranteed to make a plant decor impact in any home.





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