Come And Visit Us At Folkestone Harbour!

Come And Visit Us At Folkestone Harbour!

Did you know The Fern House has been super busy planning new events? Have you already been down to visit one of ours? Detling was a great success & the Harbour Huts has had the same response.
For those who are yet to enjoy the sunny weather on the Harbour Arm with us, here is how you can find our store.
Did you know you can order online, and enjoy the 15 min free parking and pick up from us at the Harbour Arm?

The Folkestone Harbour huts are open every weekend, 11:00AM until 17:00PM where you will be able to find us at the back of the Harbour near the miniature crazy golf, rumour has it you may find us there.

What do we have planned at the huts?

As we know the Harbour is enough to enjoy without the added extra, but we couldn't help ourselves & think of ways to encourage more people to visit us this Summer Holidays. That is why we have been super busy planning our secret weekly events that may involve a couple of learning techniques of how you too can enjoy an indoor jungle whilst being shown the endless possibilities of plant design & staging.

Too much or scared of plants? Don't worry, we even stock plants that need "Zero" maintenance so no excuses, whilst you plan your day to Folkestone. 

Besides our vibrant Hut, there is plenty more to enjoy at the Harbour. From other creative businesses to eateries & entertainment. It is worth the trip in every which way. So why not gather the family & make a well-remembered trip to the Harbour Huts this weekend.

We can't wait to see you all there!

The Fern house :)

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