Caring for you Cactus!

Caring for you Cactus!

As many new plant owners embark on their journey of becoming a plant parent, there are often a lot of unanswered questions regarding the types of plants and how to care for them. Here at The Fern House, we are strong believers in educating our customers so they can give their plants the best life. 

On the topic of plants and how to care for them, we get so many lovely customers who visit us at the Folkestone Huts drooling (not literally) over our cactus but don't always have the knowledge on how to care for them, so are easily put off. 

Nonetheless, we are always on hand to answer these questions, so let's get right into it.

Many cactus owners rave about how easy they are to manage, they are the ideal roommates. They are super easy to grow and require very little attention. 

The most exciting part about being a cactus parent is when the cactus starts to bloom. Depending on which type you have, they may have red, pink, yellow, blue, or white flowers.

Below are a few questions we get asked regularly;

When should you water your cactus?

When purchasing a cactus, they will require water, and we always advise that you stick to a "watering schedule". They are naturally juicy plants, meaning they store a lot of moisture which they later use during dry seasons. 

If your cactus is turning a little yellow, this means they are in need of a little TLC, although this doesn't happen often as they can go quite some time without water.

Did you know most cactus grow during the warmer seasons? This means they will need a little extra water.

So, when should you water your cactus? In the growing season we would recommend watering it every one or two week, depending on the moisture of the soil. Outside of the growing season we would massively reduce this, if at all.

Is using fertiliser necessary?

As many plant owners know, all plants need nutrients to thrive. You will need to purchase a fertiliser designed for cactus. This will allow them to grow well.  

When looking at different fertilizers, ensure you purchase a low-nitrogen one but high in phosphorus. This will enable the cactus to maintain their healthy look.

Only apply fertiliser when you notice the growth.

Are you giving your cactus the sunlight they need?

All desert cactus enjoy direct sunlight, and we always recommend giving your cactus four hours of direct sunlight per day (depending on the cactus).

We hope you found this information helpful and that it has encouraged you to become a cactus owner. If you do have any more questions, please come and visit us at the Folkestone Harbour Huts, or you can pick up a cactus from the new Folkestone art gallery.

The address for the art gallery is No. 66, The Old High Street, 11 Tontine Street, CT20 1RN.

We hope to see you all soon.

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